According to a report by foreign media NoteBookCheck, the blue sky notebook equipped with the tenth-generation desktop Core processor will be released soon, and the new X170 series has added many new features compared with the old p7x series.

Foreign media pointed out that the new X170 series has a larger exhaust grille, a redesigned appearance, a screen with narrow borders on three sides, and an upgraded audio system.

In terms of configuration, the new Blue Sky x107 series will be equipped with the 10th generation Comet Lake-S processor, with up to 10 cores and 20 threads, with 125 W TDP. In terms of heat dissipation, the X170 adopts an improved 11 heat pipe layout (6 GPUs/5 CPUs), which can suppress the 340 W TDP. In terms of graphics cards, Blue Sky’s new notebooks will be equipped with updated RTX 2000 series notebook graphics cards. In addition, the Blue Sky X170 notebook will also integrate a USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 interface with a bandwidth of 20 Gbps.

Not long ago, LTT also introduced the appearance of this blue sky mold in a video. The new mold uses a 17.3-inch screen, and the X170SM-G also uses a mini-LED screen with a brightness of 1000nit.

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