According to Taiwanese media DigiTimes on November 30, Universal Wafer announced that it will acquire Siltronic AG, a German silicon wafer manufacturer, and the two parties are negotiating the final stage of the merger agreement.

It is reported that Global Wafer intends to publicly acquire the outstanding shares of Siltronic at a price of 125 euros per share. The transaction is expected to be signed in the second week of December after the approval of the Siltronic Supervisory Board and the Global Wafer Board of Directors.

Global Wafer said that the combination with Siltronic will create an industry leader, providing a complete and technologically advanced product line for all semiconductor customers around the world.

At present, the top five manufacturers in the global silicon wafer field are: Shin-Etsu Semiconductor of Japan, Shengco of Japan, Universal Wafer, Siltronic of Germany, and LG of South Korea, with a total market share of 95%. Global Wafer is the third largest in the world, with a market share of about 18%, and is the largest silicon wafer manufacturer outside of Japanese manufacturers. As for the wafer, it has acquired the Japanese manufacturer Covalent, and in 2016, it acquired Topsil of Denmark and SunEdison of the United States. After the acquisition of Siltronic, the wafer market share is expected to grow rapidly to about 25%, narrowing the gap with Japan’s Shenggao and Japan’s Shin-Etsu.

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