At present, the demand of cnc machine tools in our country is increasing, the output is increasing rapidly, the data show that the output of metal cutting machine tool increased from 51861 in 2013 to 209287 in 2004. 2013, China’s metal cutting machine tool industry output growth trend, compared with 205695.13 in 2012, an increase of 1.75%. According to statistics, there are currently 1500 types of cnc machine tools in China for the market, covering almost the entire metal cutting machine tool category and main forging machinery. A wide range of areas, with Japan, Germany and the United States racing together bridle to bridle. This marks the domestic cnc machine tool industry has entered a period of rapid development.

The development of cnc machine tool has promoted the innovation and upgrading of the function parts of NC machine tools. cnc machine tool belongs to metal cutting machine tool manufacturing industry. In the country to revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry and the international industry transfer, driven by the investment growth rate of equipment and tools in the next 510 years will continue to maintain the level of 20% or so, the machine tool industry will maintain rapid growth. Under the pull of demand, China’s CNC machine tool production to maintain rapid growth, with the deepening of economic restructuring, CNC machine tools and CNC system equipment, the listing Corporation’s high growth is expected to continue. China’s future CNC machine tool market is huge. The demand of cnc machine tool is brought about by the huge demand of cnc control system.

Although China’s CNC metal cutting machine tool industry has made great progress in recent years, the numerical control rate has steadily improved, but the machine tool consumption and the production of structural contradictions are still more prominent. At present, the domestic demand for middle grade machine tool gradually over the low-grade machine tool. But the domestic CNC metal cutting machine tools to low-grade, high-grade CNC machine tool is mostly dependent on imports. Our country numerical control metal cutting machine tool industry technological innovation investment, independent innovation ability is weak, resulting in domestic CNC metal cutting machine tools in the quality, delivery and service and other aspects of the famous brand compared with the foreign countries, there is a big gap. Therefore, China must improve the ability of independent development and manufacturing of CNC machine tools, to support the development of high-end CNC machine tools, to improve the reliability and industrialization level, improve the supporting capacity of domestic CNC system and key functional components.

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