About us

10 years ago, Our general manager Mr Zhou came to the most active economy area of China- Guangdong from a remote small town, who started his fisrt rapid prototyping career- CNC machinist. His sister, a great programming engineer who has rich experience on the computer numerical control programming, imparted rudimentary knowledge to him.So he started to fall in love with this work and was fascinated with every machines. “Every processed part is like a treasure,an art and a life” he said. He was crazy about the machining work and had big ambitions on the further rapid prototyping career. Then , in 2004, with the help of his families and ex-bosses, he started to run a small workshop with one set of cnc machine. God helps the people who help themselves, under his effort, his business had kept continous development. Up to now, he becomes the leader of 5 plants with more than 80 sets of CNC machines, near 12,000m2, with more than 400 workers, 30 excellent engineers.

Over the last years, PINTEJIN has grown to become an industry leader in the high precision machining, finishing and assembly of metals and plastics in the rapid prototyping and production area. We invest advanced CNC 5 axis machines and studyed in the precision machining. We introduced lots of engineering, inspecting and marketing talents. We strive to provide our clients with our best services and quality.

PINTEJIN ‘s success over the past decade has been attributable to our ongoing focus and effort to improve and reinvest in our operational performance. The organization specifically focuses on Continuous Improvement and Lean Manufacturing activities in the disciplines of machine technology, machine productivity, process flow/linkage, and adaptability in order to meet a broad range of customer demands.

PINTEJIN believes the future aerospace, medical and automotive industry supply chains will require a sustained and extraordinary commitment compared to that of past decades. As a result, this will force many suppliers to either exit these market segments or renew/increase their investment to remain competitive. PINTEJIN continues to move forward in collaboration and partnership with its customers to identify areas of mutual opportunity to make such future commitments.