According to Taiwan Economic Daily, MediaTek has invested NT$1.62 billion (approximately RMB 379 million) in order to ensure wafer foundry production capacity without affecting its chip shipments. Chuang and other equipment factories purchase wafer manufacturing equipment and lease these equipment to Power semiconductor, a wafer foundry under Powerchip Group.

Industry insiders said that MediaTek, as an IC design company, even bought equipment at its own expense and placed it in the fab to ensure production capacity this time, indicating that the current wafer foundry capacity is seriously tight, and it also revealed that MediaTek’s orders are hot and more foundry is needed. capacity.

Taiwan media pointed out that this time MediaTek bought the machine and leased it to Power Semiconductor. PSMC has three 12-inch plants with a total of about 100,000 pieces; two 8-inch plants have a combined monthly production capacity of 100,000 pieces, and will increase the monthly production capacity of 20,000 8-inch pieces.


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