Date: 2021-11-09
Venue: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center

2021 Shanghai International Automotive Chassis and Manufacturing Engineering Technology Exhibition | Shanghai AMEE
Exhibition time: November 9, 2021 – November 11, 2021
Venue: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center
Organizer: AEE Automotive Engineering Conference Platform ACS Asia Asia Automotive Chassis Industry Alliance Michuang Bolong Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Organizer: Michuang Bolong Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Exhibitor contact: Yuan Fen 195 1230 8771 (same as WeChat) QQ: 3527485995
Exhibition overview
AMEE is the first in the automotive industry and the only professional exhibition in the field of automotive chassis system engineering technology. AMEE mainly displays the intelligent, lightweight, electrified, and Electronic technologies of new energy vehicles, passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, and special vehicle chassis systems. And a one-stop solution platform for the design and development of automotive chassis systems and components, advanced manufacturing, future trends, and lean product engineering.
Why participate?
The only professional exhibition in the industry that focuses on automotive chassis systems and manufacturing engineering technology. Over 350 high-quality suppliers from around the world and 25,000 high-quality buyers from the automotive industry are present to create automotive chassis design-development-material-lightweight-manufacturing-quality – Assembly – One-stop technology, business and trade industry chain platform for products!
Face-to-face communication with decision makers
Through the exhibition, we can meet and communicate with tens of thousands of vehicle and Tier 1 & Tier 2 suppliers, and get to know more professionals from R&D, technology, technology, planning, quality, management, procurement, etc.
Promote the brand and promote new products/technologies
Showing your company’s technical advantages and solutions through exhibitions, forum speeches and publicity is an excellent opportunity for you to get timely feedback from on-site professional buyers.
Forward-looking market layout, leading the development trend
Chassis technology innovation and industrial upgrading are the core strategies for the future development of the automotive industry. Enterprises need to have a forward-looking strategic layout, aiming at the core technologies of the automotive industry, to build core competitiveness and win market opportunities in the next ten years of development!
raise popularity of brand
AMEE is an annual representative exhibition in the field of automotive chassis systems, attracting visitors from the automotive industry from all over the world. Participating in AMEE can increase brand awareness and increase exposure in the industry.
Design and development engineering:
2021DDE 3rd Shanghai International Automotive Chassis Design and Development Engineering Conference
2021 ABS 2nd Shanghai International Automotive Braking System Conference
2021ASS 2nd Shanghai International Automotive Steering System Conference
Advanced Manufacturing Engineering:
2021ACS 4th Shanghai International Automotive Chassis System Manufacturing Engineering Conference
2021 CAE Shanghai International Automotive Chassis System Assembly Engineering Forum
2021 CWE Shanghai International Automotive Chassis System Welding Engineering Forum
New energy chassis engineering:
2021BPM 2nd Shanghai International New Energy Battery Tray Manufacturing Engineering Forum
2021EPC Shanghai International New Energy Vehicle Power Battery Conference
2021ETC Shanghai International New Energy Vehicle Electric Drive Technology Innovation Forum
Chassis Trend Engineering:
2021 IEE Shanghai International Automotive Chassis Intelligence, Electronics and Electrification Industry Conference
2021ACL The 3rd Shanghai International Automotive Chassis Lightweight Engineering Forum
2021 ACD Shanghai International Autonomous Driving Commercialization Innovation and Development Forum
AMEE2020 Exhibition Review
AMEE2020 Shanghai International Automotive Chassis System and Manufacturing Engineering Technology Exhibition was held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center from October 26 to 28. The exhibition attracted people from Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Japan, Austria, China and other countries and regions. Well-known enterprises participated in the exhibition. The three-day exhibition attracted a total of 8,196 professional visitors from the fields of automobiles, auto parts, new energy systems, and automobile design institutes!
During the AMEE2020 exhibition, 7 brand conferences were held, including automotive chassis design and development, chassis lightweighting, chassis welding, chassis assembly, battery tray manufacturing engineering, automatic driving, steering system, and braking system, with a total of more than 60 speakers and 2,385 registrations. Guests participated in the conference, the content of the conference covers one-stop solutions such as automotive chassis design, R&D, manufacturing, trends, product engineering, etc.!
Design and development engineering: automotive chassis system and vehicle performance development, overall layout design, structural design, and electrification design / suspension system / steering system / braking system / transmission system design / development engineering / trial production engineering, etc.;
Chassis Trend Engineering: Future chassis development trend technologies, including: chassis-by-wire system, automatic steering technology, adaptive cruise control system, ABS/ASR/ESP integrated control system, adaptive cruise control system (ACC), parking assist system ( PLA), tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), adjustable damping control system (ADC), lane departure and driving warning system, etc.;
Advanced manufacturing engineering: advanced manufacturing engineering of the four major system components of the vehicle chassis, including: die-casting process, machining process, stamping process, lightweight engineering, welding process, painting process, assembly engineering, inspection and testing technology, final assembly engineering, etc. ;
Lean product engineering: parts and components in the fields of automobile chassis transmission system, steering system, braking system, driving system, etc., including: engine, transmission, drive shaft, clutch, drive axle, reducer, differential, brake, brake Master cylinder, vacuum booster, steering gear, steering shaft, shock absorber, frame, axle, suspension, tires, wheels; and new energy vehicle chassis/car chassis/bus chassis/special vehicle chassis, etc.

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