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Top 20 companies in the 5th Global Internet of Things Black Technology Competition in 2021 are hotly released

On October 31, 2021, the rematch of the 5th Global Internet of Things Black Technology Competition finally ended.

After two days and three consecutive speeches, comments and scoring, the contestants were still immersed in the fierce competition, and the work of the competition organizing committee was still going on. Until October 31st, the top 20 of this black technology competition were newly released: including the machine fingerprint-based multi-sensor fusion equipment health predictive maintenance of Beijing Huakong Zhijia Technology Co., Ltd., the ground-based optical fiber timing system of the Netherlands OPNT, 20 companies including smart glasses from Shenzhen Chuanglongzhixin Technology Co., Ltd. were shortlisted.

Next, the top 20 companies will join the 2021-2022 Black Technology Acceleration Camp hosted by the 123 Black Technology Accelerator, receive expert guidance, and polish and adjust their presentation plans. They will also undergo on-site inspections by the competition team organized by the accelerator in the coming weeks, and will enter the annual finals to compete for the 2021 GIC IOT Annual Award.


Industry News

China Mobile’s IoT connections exceed 1 billion

On November 2, at the 2021 China Mobile Global Partner Conference – Government and Enterprise Cloud × 5G Forum, Zhao Dachun, Deputy General Manager of China Mobile, pointed out that in the tide of digital and intelligent transformation, China Mobile firmly grasped the opportunity to deepen the government and enterprise Reform, accelerate market expansion, continue to gain new achievements in government and enterprise development, and achieve leapfrog development.

In recent years, the number of mobile users has continued to break through. As of October, the number of group customers has exceeded 17 million, the number of Internet of Things connections has exceeded 1 billion, and the number of cloud video users has exceeded 10 million. The dual-engine drive has been continuously upgraded, and the mobile cloud revenue has increased by 133% year-on-year. The public cloud ranks 8th, and the government cloud ranks 3rd. The 5G DICT contract exceeded 18 billion, and 200 model houses were built, and the Bloom Cup ranked first for three consecutive years. The income of government and enterprises has continued to rise, with the overall income exceeding 130 billion yuan, with a growth rate of more than 20% for many consecutive years. The capabilities of government and enterprises have reached a new level, product capabilities have been rapidly improved, service support has been efficiently empowered, and ecological cooperation has fully blossomed.


IoT Political Knowledge

Yingtan IoT Industry Intellectual Property Alliance was established

On November 1, the Yingtan Internet of Things Industry Intellectual Property Alliance held its inaugural meeting. Wang Xiong, Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Mayor, and Xia Yongbo, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, attended the meeting.

Wang Xiong emphasized that the Internet of Things industry is a key industry in the city. As a national 03 special pilot city, Yingtan has been attached great importance by successive municipal committees and governments, and has issued a series of supporting policies. A strong atmosphere to support the development of the Internet of Things industry. The establishment of the Internet of Things Industry Intellectual Property Alliance will vigorously promote the high-quality development of the Internet of Things industry. Under the leadership of the council, the Hope Alliance unites and leads all members, takes innovation and creation as the foundation, conducts in-depth research on industrial policies, and strives to achieve mutual benefit and common development of alliance members. All relevant departments of the city should vigorously support the work of the alliance, provide a better development environment for the alliance, and make greater contributions to promoting the innovation and development of the Internet of Things and industrial transformation and upgrading in our city.

It is understood that 54 IoT enterprises, R&D institutions and service institutions from across the city attended the conference as the first batch of alliance members. At the meeting, the chairman, vice chairman, secretary general and council of the first alliance were elected, and Sanchuan Smart Technology Co., Ltd. was elected as the chairman unit of the first alliance. At present, there are more than 300 Internet of Things enterprises and research institutions in our city, with an output value of more than 50 billion yuan, and the Internet of Things industry has a good momentum of development.


Information pilot

“2021 China Internet of Things Enterprise Influence List” announced

On October 29, 2021, the 2021 China Internet of Things Index Insight Conference hosted by Toubao Technology Innovation Network came to a successful conclusion.

At the meeting, Toubao Research Institute officially released the “2021 China Internet of Things Enterprise Development Index Report”. The report evaluates the development status of companies in the IoT industry chain from a dynamic perspective, analyzes multi-dimensional capabilities such as corporate influence, financial support, R&D technical capabilities, and development results, analyzes the achievements and challenges faced by Chinese IoT companies, and summarizes China’s IoT companies. The development of IoT enterprises and the competitive strength of market participants, trying to discover excellent enterprise groups with strong business strength, good growth and high competition barriers in the IoT industry.

The list sets the “2021 China Internet of Things Influence List” as three sub-lists of “2021 Internet of Things Leadership List”, “2021 Internet of Things Growth List”, and “2021 Internet of Things Innovation List”. In the end, 30 outstanding companies including Huawei, Quectel, Shugen Internet, and Tuya made the list.


Frontier of technology

Disconnected payment and opened the gate, Zhiwei released a number of new IoT parking technologies

On the afternoon of October 28th, Alibaba Cloud IoT and Zhixin Motive jointly hosted the 2021 Smart Parking New Product Launch Conference and Partner Conference with the theme of “Unattended, See at a glance”, which was successfully held in Shenzhen. At this conference, Zhiwei Parking released a new unattended parking lot solution, a high-end E-type LED screen license plate recognition machine, a new Zhiwei parking cloud platform and a parking lot mobile management APP used with Zhiwei parking hardware. -Car yard help, fully supports the functions of disconnection payment and gate opening, full remote debugging operation and maintenance, triple identification mode, large and small dual system solutions, LED all-day long-distance scanning and other functions. In addition, Zhiwei Parking also showcased a brand-new intelligent parking space guidance and anti-seeking system, attracting industry partners to jointly deploy the smart community O2O ecosystem and deepen the matching of user ecological services. This conference is not only the birth of new products, but also the beginning of the Internet of parking lots. Zhiwei Parking officially opens a new era of parking operations from digitalization to digital intelligence.

Different from other parking solutions, disconnecting payment and opening the gate is the brightest black technology for parking. In the case of disconnection, the LED screen of the E-type all-in-one machine will Display the offline billing dynamic QR code and prompts. After the owner scans the code normally, the Unicom cloud platform will automatically generate an order. After the owner’s payment is completed, the cloud platform will pass the patented technology. The camera communicates with the camera, and sends the brake opening command to let the owner leave. During the period, temporarily parked vehicles and monthly rented vehicles can pass without barriers, so that the parking lot can be truly unattended.


Other information

The 3rd World IoT Security and Data Security Summit WISS 2022 will be held in January

The issue of network security and data security has become the focus of attention of countries, enterprises and individual users. So, in the digital age, how should companies address new concerns about data privacy and confidentiality? What are the latest IoT security and data security compliance and protection practices at home and abroad? How to build an efficient and in-depth network security defense system to face network security threats? How to effectively manage data security issues in specific core industries such as industrial Internet, medical care, and automobiles?

Focusing on the topic of “Internet of Things Security and Data Security”, the WISS 2022 3rd World Internet of Things Security and Data Security Summit hosted by Taas Labs will be held in Shanghai, China from January 13th to 14th. As the first domestic theme summit fully focused on IoT security and digital security, WISS 2022 will invite experts from the government and industry, automotive, medical, financial, energy and other industries to discuss the development direction of network security and data security. Solve the pain points and difficult problems that the industry needs to solve under the digital transformation, so as to further promote the industry development and compliance innovation.

The summit will last for 2 days, with 1 main venue and 5 thematic sub-forums. There will be more than 20 hours of professional speeches on the theme of the conference. The guests presented the network security and data security solutions and achievements in multiple directions. The summit will invite more than 30 experts and leaders from government, industry, academia and research to bring one-stop wonderful professional sharing, more than 300 guests from the entire industry chain of the network security industry, and more than 100 professional media to cooperate in publicity and follow-up reports. .


small things

Of course, IoT-related conferences also require the use of IoT-related black technologies: such as remote conference access systems, AI background fusion systems, etc., making remote access more immersive. I don’t know if your friends have discovered that the Internet of Everything has slowly evolved into the Wisdom of Everything. The smart earth that was mentioned many years ago may slowly be realized in the context of the Internet of Everything.

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