According to statistics from the market research organization Omdia, global automotive Display shipments reached 127 million in 2020, most of which were central control displays, with 73.8 million shipments; Electronic dashboards accounted for the second largest share of shipments. 46.8 million pieces.

127 million pieces of global automotive display shipments in 2020

In addition to these two categories, there are electronic rearview mirrors, HUD head-up displays, and rear entertainment displays. Omdia predicts that by 2030, the automotive display market will maintain an average annual growth rate of 6.5%, reaching 238 million pieces. Specifically, the electronic rear-view mirror and HUD will show the highest growth rate, with an average annual growth rate of 16.1%.

127 million pieces of global automotive display shipments in 2020

Research institutes said that most of the current car display screens are conventional LCD screens, but in the future OLED, miniLED, microLED and other technologies will gradually enter the market. Among them, entry-level cost-effective cars will continue to use LCD screens, and high-end cars will use the latter three technologies.

The reporter was informed that Omdia also predicts that most of the future automotive LCD screens will be supplied by Chinese companies, while Japan and South Korea will mainly manufacture LTPS LCD screens or OLED screens; China Taiwan will mainly supply miniLED and microLED screens. The microLED panel has high brightness, high contrast and longer life, which is very attractive to automakers. It is expected that General Motors will use 33-inch minLED large screens in future Cadillac Lyrig pure electric cars.

Source: C114 Communication Network

Author: Homing Pigeon

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